The Patpong Museum is a brand new exhibition covering over

100 Years

A private collection of historic memorabilia and artefacts

Discover Bangkok’s best kept secret…


Experience the hidden history of Southeast Asia through the lens of Patpong Street

Patpong, a street in the heart of music Legend


Highlighting David Bowie’s 1983 visit to Bangkok

After your museum visit, enjoy the

70’s Style

To explore the naughtier and spicier side of this famous street


Secret war

In Vietnam

Take a peek into an


and enjoy the sensation


Now Showing

The XXX side of Patpong

Rick Menard + Go Go dancing – today’s Patpong takes form

The Dragon’s Head – Patpong begins

A super star falls in love with a Superstar

The Legend of Tony Poe – the Vietnam War



GoGo Bars

A seed was planted 100 years ago in a rice paddy, where it germinated and transformed everything around it, to become the most exciting, famous and vibrant red-light zone in Bangkok.

From exotic Go-Go Bars to peculiar Ping Pong shows and lady-boys, it captivated the eyes of the world. Secret government operations, celebrities that fell in love with it and tons of stories make the Patpong’s mythos.

The Patpong Museum takes you on an exciting trip through Patpong’s history, offering you exclusive exhibits as well as multi-media, interactive games and re-enacted shows, to make you live and experience history.

Watch the trailer to see everything that’s waiting for you!

About Us

Discover Patpong Museum

Over 100 years of history, from CIA’s secret operations in Patpong during Vietnam’s war to how it evolved from a rice paddy to the hottest red-light zone in Bangkok.

Discover Patpong’s Secrets

The secret history of Patpong, revealed. Exclusive photos, memorabilia and more. 

Live Patpong’s History

Walk through the museum and live Patpong’s history on your own skin

Eye-Opening and Fun

Live the same experiences as David Bowie, Robert de Niro and Roman Polanski.

Never Seen Before Exhibits

The Legend of Tony Poe – the collector of cut-off ears – The XXX Side of Patpong and others.

Re-enacted Shows

Live the most important and exciting historic events of Patpong in the present.

Interactive Games

Experience Patpong like visitors did decades ago, with our interactive games.

 Museum Opening Hours
Every day except Wednesday
12.00 – 22.00
For groups and special events, please contact us at info@patpongmuseum.com



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Frequently Asked Questions

According to our experience, these are the most frequently asked questions. We cover different aspects such as what our costs are, how to arrive to Patpong and where you can stay, in case you want to host yourself near to the red-light fun.

Regarding accommodation, we include the best suggestions based on how near they are to Patpong. Furthermore, we also provide you stimations on how long it will take you to arrive to Patpong from Sukhumvit.

Finally, we bring you different channels of contact, and a concise answer about why Silom is famous, and why it is an excellent idea to stay in this area during your visit.  

How Much Does a Ticket Cost?

You can buy your ticket from the Patpong Museum front desk, and it will cost you 350 baht which includes a free drink.

The price includes access to the museum, tour guiding and headphones for narration, available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

How Far Is Patpong from Sukhumvit?

Patpong is 2.6 kilometers away from Sukhumvit, and you can arrive by walking, subway or taxi.

Taking a taxi is the fastest route, as it only takes you 7-10 minutes.

You can take the MRT – the subway – and arrive in approximately 15 minutes.

You can also walk, and it will take you 40 minutes.

Where Can I Stay Near Patpong Museum?

You can find excellent hotels by walking distance near The Patpong Museum. Here is our top picks:

  • Montien Hotel : 250 meter from Patpong Museum
  • Le Meridien Bangkok : 230 meter from Patpong Museum
  • The Tawana Hotel : 300 meter from Patpong Museum

Why Is Silom Famous?

During the day, it is The Wall Street of Thailand, the financial heart of Bangkok, with towering skyscrapern, modern architecture and a strong business vibe.

During the night, it transforms into the most vibrant and famous red light district in Bangkok.

Thanks to this hard and exotic contrast, and its many attractions, Silom is famous and definitively worth a visit.

How Can I Contact You?

You can call us to +66 (91) 8876 829

Send us an email to info@patpongmuseum.com