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Charles Sobhrajs

Serial Killer

in Patpong

Charles Sobhraj’s presence in Patpong, Bangkok, Thailand
local – crimes – victims – media

Charles Sobhraj and Marie LeClerk’s movie into Kanit House 504 in Month and Year and make that their base to screen and entrap their designated victims. It is in Kanit House where the safe deposit box is being found, when opened by the police containing dozens of passports.

The infamous



Kanit House is located on Sala Daeng Soi 1, just 200 meters from the gates of Patpong. He was known as a frequent client in several Patpong bars, especially the Mississippi Queen where we have exclusive first hand accounts from several occasions.

The mystery of the mixed identities of Rebecca Knowlton also know as Jenniffer Bolliver, a woman with alleged strong sexual energies who was taken to a “full body live show” in Patpong the very night before driven to the beaches of Pattaya and than drowned in the ocean, to be found on Day Month.

The arrest of



It is due to the effort of the Dutch Diplomat Herman Knippenberg in cooperation with the Bangkok Post and later on the persistent work of Police Man Surname Name Title that Sobhraj was identified and ultimately arrested in India

We also have a first hand account of conversations with Charles Sobhraj in Indian Jail by two independent senior investigative journalists and exclusive footage from the Interpol files.