Take a 3D Virtual Reality tour through the museum from your desktop

After suspending the operation in March we kept ourselves busy by cooking food and delivering it to the Patpong community. Then we stuck our heads together and thought, so what else can we do?

We keep on receiving enquiries, emails from visitors, travel agents, bangkok expats and locals living here. The interest in our little secrets and funny stories, the history and everything else is still there and that keeps us going and motivated.

With the help from Roren and his team at Vizport we decided to take the Museum online, giving you the opportunity to explore the museum, see the artifacts in a full 3D immersive tour, straight from your desktop. That’s important we really advise you take this tour from a larger screen. navigating and watching this from a smart phone is not really the best way of taking the experience.

By doing that, we are among the first Museums is southeast asia to do so and we are proud to be again on the forefront of relevant, exciting, modern museums.

Its very simple, visit our website and click on the VR Tour button https://www.patpongmuseum.com/patpong-vr-museum/

Then simply start the tour by navigating with the mouse through the Museum, room by room. Orange tags give you a short video clips, the narrative about the section you are in. In English these are provided by our guide Andy, in Thai language by our guide Sacky. The blue tags are more detailed information to main exhibits.

we believe this is an added on feature and does not render a actual visit to the museum insignificant. Quite the contrary we trust that by taking this tour you will get more appetite to visit us once we are up and open again, to meet the guides, ask the questions and actually feel the vibe and dive into 100 years of history.

We hope you enjoy this and we are looking forward to your feedback!

Michael & The Patpong Museum Team