After opening its doors in November 2019 the Patpong Museum is already expanding by opening a space dedicated especially to contemporary art on 2nd of February 2020 with the exhibition “From Dungeon to Paddy-field. A Dominatrix’s Journey” by the Italian artist Mauro D’Agati.

A look behind the curtain, following a Dominatrix into her village in Eastern Thailand

D’Agati had been exploring Patpong area in Bangkok for 4 years (2014-2017). Hidden aspects of urban life, activities that usually remain veiled and overlooked by society at large yet are magnetically attractive for tourists from all over the world, had been in the epicenter of the photographer’s work. Eventually his ongoing interest in the human condition brought him to a tiny village in Surin province, the birthplace of Tan, a dominatrix working in Patpong.

Michael Messner, Curator and Founder of the Patpong Museum:

We have welcomed over 1000 visitors in just 6 weeks and receive five star ratings throughout, one request that has been voiced over and over again is to provide more space for the contemporary art section. So we have joined forces with the team from “Candle Light Studio” (CLS) in the BarBar building and February onwards the Patpong Museum will provide more contemporary content and special exhibitions at the CLS as an extension of the Patpong Museum throughout 2020.

I am both proud and happy being able to show Mauro D’Agati’s work for the first time in Asia, especially as it is so relevant for this area – Patpong –

One Ticket for 2 Exhibitions