Discover Bangkok’s best kept secret


Patpong Museum | 100 Years Of History

Patpong Museum | 100 Years Of History to the Patpong Museum, a brand-new and interactive exhibition covering 100 years of hi...

You thought Patpong was all Go-Go Bars and Ping Pong shows? Well, let me tell you a story…


Patpong Begins

  • An immigrant from China builds a business empire
  • Rice and cement – what connection could there be?
  • First contact with the OSS
  • 3000 US$ for the whole of Patpong
  • What does a Dragon’s head have to do with it?


The Legend of Tony Poe

  • Tony Poe, the real-life Colonel Kurtz in “Apocalypse Now” ?
  • Leader of tribes, collector of cut-off ears
  • CIA and Air America set up shop in Patpong
  • Opium trade in the Vietnam War


Rick Menard + Gogo Dancing

  • The Grand Prix Lounge + Bar opens in 1969 – the first Go-Go Bar in Asia
  • Bob Hope, Don King and Willem Dafoe and others show up – what’s the secret?
  • Patpong grows – more “naughty” shows appear
  • The inner workings of the streets and houses of Patpong


The Go-Go Revolution

  • The difference between Western and Thai style ‘A Go-Go’
  • The Styles of Go-Go
  • Have a drink in a replica of Bangkok’s first Go-Go Bar, “Grand Prix”
  • Go-Go girls from the 70’s to today


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