Meet The Messner’s

Covid 19 struck in the first quarter of the year, and like most of the world, Bangkok and Thailand went into lockdown with people and businesses feeling the pinch with closures across the entirety of the entertainment industry.

Here at Patpong Museum, we kept ourselves busy and got the Messner family involved in helping us make a series of 5 short videos.

Here we follow Ben and the family while they help around Patpong, and make spaghetti for the workers.

Also Ben gives us an insight on how Patpong was not always a red light district but in fact, it used to be the central business area of Bangkok.

Bangkok was also the location of the first-ever Foreign corresponds club here in Thailand.

Ben shows how safe the Patpong Museum is to visit, and explains what his favourite part of the museum is.

Ben gives some great information on the CIA in Bangkok.

Next up, Strawberry shows us the Wall of Fame, a great way to learn some facts about who has been to Patpong and why in the past.

David Bowie was paid just 50-100,00o dollars to come to Bangkok.

Olivia’s personal tour of our gallery in Candlelight Studios. And an explanation of the exhibition by Tawan Wattuya.

Paul gives us the cutest walk around The Patpong Museum. Have a look for yourselves.

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